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The Trick to Getting Your Moving Floor Trailer to Pay for Itself

A Q&A with Mike DePew


In the world of ITI and moving floor trailers, shiny and new may also mean less expensive.

Mike DePew, owner of CMD Trailers and Leasing, Inc., has been in the business for 36 years. He’s seen the advent of moving floor trailers, and their rise in popularity over time due to the speed and ease with which they empty different types of cargo.

In our conversation with DePew, we discussed ITI trailers and moving floor products — specifically, how owner-operators can save thousands in expenses and build better equity through trading in that old trailer model for a new one.

Read the full interview here on Trucker to Trucker  to learn how owner-operators can get a free ITI trailer for their trucking business.

We Offer Dump Trailers for Sale, Including Trailstar


Used 2017 Trailstar Dump Trailer for Sale or Lease
3 way tailgate, Shurlock roll over tarp, 2 speed landing gear

Top of the Line Dump Trailers for Sale or Lease, Including Trailstar

Boost your bottom line with an investment in one of our Trailstar dump trailers for sale or lease. At CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc., we work with clients looking to buy their first trailer, or grow their established business. A Trailstar Dump Trailer can help increase your profits. Now able to carry a maximum payload of 88,000 lbs (in Florida and select states throughout the US), you will boost your payload for each trip up to the maximum gross vehicle weight maximizing your hauls and allowing you to take new kinds of jobs. Trailstar engineers many specialized frameless and framed type dump trailers. At CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing Inc, you’ll get superior design at a fair price for your business.

What Can a Dump Trailer Do For You?

A dump trailer serves as a business tool to help grow your bottom line efficiently and effectively. This is a better option than a dump truck for many business owners because it doesn’t have the heavy or bulky frame of the regular dump truck. A Trailstar Dump Trailer offers the following benefits for your business:

  • Carry a Larger Payload
  • Increase Your Profitability
  • Take On New Kinds of Jobs
  • Improve Your Energy Efficiency
  • Decrease Number of Trips on Large Jobs
  • Endure Considerable Wear and Tear
  • 25 Years or More Life Expectancy



New 2017 Trailstar Dump Trailer for Sale or Lease
Water proof roll tarp, grain door, light trailer for big payloads with Heavy Duty Construction. Stronger traditional design.

Now Offering Larger Payload – Carry Up to 88,000 LBS (in Florida)!

CMD Trailers Sales & Leasing has Trailstar Dump Trailers for sale that haul more gross vehicle. They can carry up to 88,000 lbs (in Florida and select states throughout the US). This increases your bottom line by allowing you to best serve your client base. For a sole operator, a Trailstar Dump Trailer is an asset, which pays for itself and actually makes money to cover the cost of ownership. Thanks to the change in payload capacity, this new trailer will lead to an additional 8,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight per load (in Florida).

Why Choose Trailstar Dump Trailers?

We highly recommend Trailstar to our clients because of the quality dump trailers they deliver to each and every client. This convenient option has a bed which tilts and the back door opens to suit your needs. Trailstar Dump Trailers are equipped with the highest quality materials, offering the largest payloads in the industry. If you have specific needs, simply reach out to CMD for assistance in a dump trailer for sale or lease. There are frameless and framed options available.


New 2017 Trailstar Dump Trailer for Sale or Lease
Lift front axle, front to back electric tarp

About CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing Inc.

Truckers can depend on CMD Trailers for the right flatbed, live floor, or end dump trailers required to keep your company running. Our customers include everyone from single owner-operators to power leasing companies, and government agencies. Get your business headed in the right direction with a one of our dump trailers for sale or lease.

We sell new and used trailers from the highest quality brands including Trailstar, Trinity, Innovative, Summit, and Dorsey. Our company is based in Jacksonville, Florida and we serve customers throughout the US, as well as internationally.

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